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Colleen Kwok’s “The Stars The Sun The Moon” won first prize for a project in development produced by Hong Kong at the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum. Mainland China title “Not Found” by Huang Ningwei won the equivalent award for the best non-Hong Kong project.

A total of 14 awards were announced Wednesday during a virtual ceremony, with “Silent Ghosts”, another local project, directed by Hang Yeng, which garnered the “top work in progress” award.

HAF organizers said this year’s online platform hosted more than 900 private meetings between directors and potential supporters, a figure that was nearly double the level of activity in 2020, when COVID forced for the first time the market for projects in a virtual format.

The third time it was organized remotely, HAF hosted 43 projects this year, 1

5 of which are in progress. There were also 11 projects in Hong Kong, with 21 directors presenting their first feature projects. The event took place for three days (14-16 March 2022) in parallel with the FilMart rights market based in Hong Kong.

“The Stars The Sun The Moon” tells a story of female friendship that supernaturally flips between 1998 and 2018. “Not Found” is both a road movie and a story about storytelling as a screenwriter embarks on a journey to get closer to the its characters. “Silent Ghosts” is the story of a mysterious woman that many people claim to have met under different circumstances.

List of HAF 2022 winners
IDP Award for a Hong Kong project
“The stars The sun The moon”, say. Colleen Kwok Tung-Shuen.

IDP award for a non-Hong Kong project
“Not Found” by Huang Ningwei (Mainland China).

WIP Award
“Silent Ghosts” directed. Yang Heng (Hong Kong).

Taipei Film Commission Award
“I could write about us”, say. Jun Li (Hong Kong / Taiwan).

Wouter Barendrecht Prize
“Don’t cry, butterfly” to say. Duong Dieu Linh (Vietnam).

Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) Award.
“La terra maledetta” directed. Panu Aree and Kong Rithdee (Thailand).

Udine Focus Asia Award
“Don’t cry, butterfly” to say. Duong Dieu Linh (Vietnam).

White Light post-production award for an IDP project
“Puppies” dir. Riri Riza (Indonesia).

White Light Post-Production Award for a WIP project
“A room all to yourself” say. Matan Yair (Israel / Italy).

HAF goes to Cannes program (five titles)
“A Room of His Own”, “Silent Ghosts”, “The Spark” by Rajesh S. Jala (India), “The Sunny Side of the Street” by Lau Kok Rui (Hong Kong), “The Vessel’s Isle” by Wang Di (Mainland China).

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